A Little More About Me

Ever since college I hoped that all my varied interests would somehow converge into something valuable.  For a while they all seemed to have little to do with each other.  I got undergraduate degrees in economics and cultural anthropology, taught high school calculus and earth science, did an archeological dig on an island off of Ireland and got an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Management.  I followed my interests into two PhD programs before finding them too restrictive.  I was a management consultant in the Silicon Valley area and helped to build, manage, and acquire companies for a wealthy energy CEO.  Along the way I also worked in construction, food services, and delivery services.  At one point I was even a bill collector for a cell phone company!

Through it all I have enjoyed having one foot in the business world and one in the world of ideas.  I love working with people in all kinds of settings, and with all kinds of ideas.  Through the evolution of my career I have gradually assumed a role that occupies elements of management consultant, psychologist, business partner, and trusted adviser. 

Although there is no easy way to define this role, I stepped out in January 2010 and started my own consulting company to formalize this role.  At the same time I went back to school for the newly-created Masters of Science in Leadership at Boston University, which has allowed me to hone my skills and again broaden my perspective. 

I believe in the basic wisdom of individuals, and the basic madness of crowds.  For this reason much of my work is one-on-one.  With the creation Kruger Strategy Group, I have seen many of my interests start to converge in valuable ways for my clients.   My focus is on continuing to learn in a variety of areas, especially leadership and management, and bring it all together for my clients in a way that makes sense and produces actual results.

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