Lessons in Leadership from my Dogs

Yes, lessons in leadership from my dogs.

Paco (left) and Zeke
Over the past year I have been watching my two dogs, Paco and Zeke, act out many of the concepts that I have been learning about in Boston University's Masters of Science in Leadership program.  At first it was amusing, and then I realized that lots of the topics actually are much easier to understand when explained through these two dogs' crazy antics.

I put together a book on the subject, and recently published it.  It is available on Amazon.com (here) and in Boston-area bookstores.

The press release is below:

Stories about man’s best friend highlight valuable leadership skills
In “Get the Cookie, Paco!: Valuable Lessons in Leadership from My Dogs” Andrew Krüger explains how he found some of the most important leadership traits in his furry friends
December 1, 2011 BOSTON – In a time when economical struggles and the government gridlock dominate news headlines, Andrew Krüger feels effective leadership is more important than ever. In “Get the Cookie, Paco!: Valuable Lessons in Leadership from My Dogs” (ISBN 0615524648), Krüger highlights ways to increase leadership abilities at home and at the office through stories and lessons learned from his two rescue dogs Paco and Zeke.
“I noticed that my dogs each acted very differently when I gave them a bone. Zeke took the bone and sat down to chew it up diligently. Paco, on the other hand, used it as a way to get my attention and paraded around, never getting down to actually eating the bone without praise from me first,” Krüger says. “It occurred to me that the dogs were like my business clients, and the bone was like a task. Some took the task and focused on finishing it, while others used the task for political ends and to get attention.”
Starting from this first observation, Krüger explains useful ideas for becoming a better leader through anecdotal experiences involving the dogs. He provides a series of tips on how to improve leadership skills, and believes these tactics—informed by academic research—will work regardless of whether readers are climbing the corporate ladder, sitting at the top or wanting change in their daily life.
The book breaks down into five categories, underscoring the importance of the overall framework of a leader: working on yourself, working with others, reading others, leading others, and the bigger picture.  Combined, the information presented paints a clear and vibrant picture of how to change your life—and style of leadership—for the better.  Some of the topics discussed include creating your own personal brand, aligning the efforts of others, soliciting and using feedback and maintaining a balance between work and the other aspects of life.
Krüger creates a casual yet professional tone by presenting business-themed topics through humorous parables. But he also speaks to the reader as a knowledgeable expert with findings from his MBA, years of management consulting, and his studies at Boston University, where he received a Masters in Leadership.
Krüger hopes the inclusion of stories about man’s best friend throughout his book will hit home with readers from all walks of life. He is certain there is no leadership book that bridges the gap between the need for leadership development and the appeal and enjoyment of learning about your pets quite like his.
“Get the Cookie, Paco!: Valuable Lessons in Leadership from My Dogs” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.
About the Author:
Andrew Krüger has spent more than seven years teaching and consulting small businesses in the United States and Europe. He received his Masters in Leadership with a Distinguished Scholar Award from Boston University and an MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior from Tulane. He is currently the managing partner of Kruger Strategy Group, LLC.

Andrew Krüger
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  1. What sweethearts! And what a great blogging idea--I look forward to catching up on what you're learning from your dogs. They can teach us a lot!